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Letters of Ara

An online journal & e-mail newsletter in which to explore areas of interest and influence for Ara the altar.

Welcome to Letters of Ara

Artwork from my January newsletter -    subscribe here

Artwork from my January newsletter - subscribe here

Welcome to my very first Letters of Ara journal post as we embark on a shiny new year. Thank you so much to anyone who has shared my journey so far, and to anyone joining me now. I’m over the moon to share this space with you as 2019 begins to unfold.

For anyone who didn’t catch my A Responsible Brand #aresponsiblebrand Sunday Series on Instagram throughout the end of 2018, Letters of Ara will be comprised of this online journal along with a monthly e-mail newsletter that together will create a space in which to explore areas of influence and interest for Ara the altar. As well as providing a space for me to communicate more regularly with this community, Letters of Ara will also give space to others via interviews that will feature in the newsletters and here on the journal.

As my intention to live my life with minimal environmental impact is so intrinsically linked to the way I run my small business, I’ll also begin sharing a little more of my own approach to slow, more considered living. For every newsletter on the first Sunday of each month, I will gather together seasonal information and ideas for living in a slower, more earth-aware way. I’ll share insights into what goes on behind the brand and the ethical and sustainable considerations that feed into Ara the altar, as well as personal recommendations for like-minded brands, creating beautiful objects with respect for people and the planet.

Every newsletter will explore five key sections:

  • On the altar | a closer look at a featured product or collection

  • Behind the altar | an insight into what’s going on behind the brand

  • Earth-aware | ideas & information for sustainable living

  • Share | recommendations for like minded, responsible brands

  • Slow | ideas for slowing down and embracing a more mindful way of living

The first newsletter, to be released on Sunday 6th January 2019, is intended to ease you into the new year, exploring the month and highlighting a few key astronomical points in the calendar, sharing product recommendations including ethical underwear and a simple but enjoyable swap to help live a little more sustainably. The January letter will also explore the meaning behind Ara the altar’s branding and a particular form of self-care practice via an interview with an individual who’s path has previously crossed with Ara the altar. If you have yet to subscribe to my mailing list you can join here.

I would love for this space to be something that feels really valuable to you and for this to be a two way conversation. If there’s ever anything in particular that you’d like me to explore in a journal post or as part of the newsletter, I would absolutely love to hear from you - please comment below, send me an e-mail or DM me via Instagram.

If, in the meantime, you’d like to explore more of my ethical and sustainable approach, you can do so here and you can learn a little more about me and Ara the altar here.

For now, have a lovely day.