Ara the altar
Ethical, sustainable, earth-aware jewellery
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Inspired by the constellation after which it was named, Ara | the altar offers eco-conscious, fine jewellery for everyday wear.
Using recycled precious metals and biodegradable packaging materials, we aim to tread lightly whilst producing unique pieces, hand-made in the creator’s workshop based in North West England  🌾


Inspired by the constellation after which it was named, Ara the altar offers earth-aware adornment for the everyday.

Designer and Creator, Lauren takes influence from astronomy, nature, and the ancient world’s fascinating relationship with both. Lauren’s aim is to tread lightly whilst creating eternal pieces that give the wearer a conscious connection with the beauty of our only planet. 

Embracing the slow fashion movement, every piece is made to order by Lauren in her workshop in Northwest England, using only 100% recycled precious metal. With ethics and sustainability influencing every decision, careful considerations are made at every step of the production process, and thereafter, to mindfully manage the entire journey of every Ara the altar piece.

Learn more about Ara the altar’s ethical and sustainable practices here

Lauren’s Story

Working as a Shoot Producer in the fashion industry, Lauren missed the hands on process of designing and creating. With a desire to challenge herself, Lauren began metalsmithing, creating silver pieces that celebrated a unique, organic aesthetic. 

Living her life in a way that is mindful of her impact on the environment, as a consumer, Lauren recognised the need for retailers to make responsible decisions that demonstrate a commitment to reducing waste and environmental impact. Dissatisfied with the limited choices for those looking to make more responsible purchasing decisions, Lauren felt driven to contribute to a shift towards a more purposeful, slow, and transparent fashion movement.

The concept of the brand was inspired by the Ancient World’s perception of astronomy; Ara is a southern polar constellation which, in latin, means ‘The altar’. Ara was depicted in early illustrations as an altar with burning incense, rising smoke, or sacrificial offerings. Lauren’s interpretation of this translated into the sourcing, creating and offering of beautiful, unique objects for earth-aware individuals.