Ara the altar
Ethical, sustainable, earth-aware jewellery
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Inspired by the constellation after which it was named, Ara | the altar offers earth-aware minimal jewellery for everyday wear.
Using recycled precious metals and biodegradable packaging materials, we aim to tread lightly whilst producing unique pieces, hand-made in the creator’s workshop in North West England  🌾

Phase | Earrings Ara the altar - Phase Earrings - 1.jpg

Phase | Earrings

Ara the altar - Halo Earrings - 2.jpg Ara the altar - Halo Earings - 1.jpg

Halo Earrings

Bar Earrings I Ara the altar - Bar earrings i - 3.jpg

Bar Earrings I

Ara the altar - Bar earrings ii - 1.jpg Ara the altar - Bar earrings ii - 2.jpg

Bar Earrings II