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Slow-made to order in Lauren’s workshop in North West England.

Phase | Pendant Set (yellow gold)

Phase | Pendant Set (yellow gold)




  1. each of the aspects of the moon or a planet, according to the amount of its illumination, especially the new moon, the first quarter, the full moon and the last quarter.


Phase | Fine

Pendant Set (yellow gold)

This pendant set captures each of the four principle moon phases in solid recycled 9ct yellow gold:

⋅  new moon | new beginnings

⋅  first quarter | strength, determination, focus

⋅  full moon | harvest & completion

⋅  last quarter | reflect & release

At approx. 8mm in diameter, these delicate pendants can polished to a high lustre, allowing the detail to catch the light, or frosted all over, leaving a pale, dusty gold finish.

Each of the four pendants hang alongside one another on a 20” solid recycled 9ct gold chain.

A progression of Ara’s original recycled silver Phase family, the Phase ~ Fine collection features each of the four principle moon phases captured even more delicately in solid recycled 9ct yellow & rose gold. Designed to be put on and left on, these pieces are intended to truly become part of the wearer’s everyday adornment. Layer up or wear alone for celestial inspired simplicity.

Every piece of Ara adornment is accompanied by a natural linen & GOTS certified organic cotton pouch, designed & made in-house with minimal waste, using fabric woven in Lancashire.

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Ara the altar aims to tread lightly; all orders will be packaged using recyclable and biodegradable materials. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for all gold adornment to be created. You will be notified once your order has been dispatched.