Ara the altar
Ethical, sustainable, earth-aware jewellery
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Inspired by the constellation after which it was named, Ara | the altar offers earth-aware minimal jewellery for everyday wear.
Using recycled precious metals and biodegradable packaging materials, we aim to tread lightly whilst producing unique pieces, hand-made in the creator’s workshop in North West England  🌾





This celestial ring is inspired by the latin phrase 'Ad astra’ meaning 'to the stars’

Hand-forged from eco-friendly recycled 925 sterling silver, Astra is made to order, making every piece completely unique. 

A half moon shaped band is hammered across the top creating an irregular texture, onto which a clean, simple six point star is engraved.

Gently tapered and approximately 2.5mm wide across the top, Astra is perfect for either stacking or wearing alone.

To finish, Astra can be polished to a high lustre or frosted across the top.

Every piece of Ara adornment is accompanied by a natural linen & GOTS certified organic cotton pouch, designed & made in-house with minimal waste, using fabric woven in the UK.

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Ara | the altar aims to tread lightly whilst producing every unique piece; all orders will be packaged using recyclable and biodegradable materials. 

Please allow 1-2 weeks for your handmade item to be created. You will be notified once your item has been posted.